Code and Pixels CMS Demo

If you're new to the concept of content management, are yet to experience its benefits, or just want to see how well Code and Pixels' CMS compares, then try it out right here.

Code and Pixels' CMS is designed with extreme simplicity in mind, which means that anyone can get to grips with it in no time.

Live Website

Code and Pixels demo website home page

Visit the website of Blooming Marvellous, a fictitious landscape gardening company.

Blooming Marvellous is typical of Code and Pixels' clients. It is a small, growing (excuse the pun) business which uses its website to provide information about its people and services, to show off its work, and to advertise its popular events and talks.

Begin by browsing the site to familiarise yourself with its various pages and sections. Notice that certain content is generated dynamically - for example a random customer testimonial is displayed each time you visit a new page, and the list of upcoming events automatically displays the next two events.

Once you have had a look around the live site, try the CMS to see how easy it is to make changes to the site's content. If you open the live site and CMS side by side, you can quickly switch between the two.

Launch the live site

Admin Area

Code and Pixels content management system dashboard

Make changes to Blooming Marvellous's site, and see them reflected in the live site immediately.

Virtually everything on Blooming Marvellous's website can be adjusted via the content management system.

The CMS is divided into sections which mimic those on the live site - 'Home Page', 'Services', 'Events' and so on. This makes it very simple to find what you're looking for.

Have a play around with each of the sections to see how intuitive it is to use. For example, try adding a new customer testimonial, or upload an image to the gallery.

After making a change, switch back to the live site to see it update instantly - just remember to refresh the page by hitting F5 on a PC, or Command (Apple) + R on a Mac.

Launch the admin area