About Pete Williams

Code and Pixels was founded in 2009 by Pete Williams. He's worked with a variety of clients on projects large and small, and has the knowledge and experience to bring any idea to fruition.

Pete first began creating websites in the late 1990s, just as the internet was beginning to find its way into homes. His early creations weren't much to look at but they sowed the seeds of a passion which has since grown into a successful career.

Over the years Pete developed his skills and became experienced in a wide range of web-based technologies. He also became well-versed in a number of related areas, from graphic design to web accessibility, and from typography to copywriting. He brings this wealth of knowledge to every project, allowing him to provide the best solution for his clients' needs.

Since setting up Code and Pixels, Pete has worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses and individuals to charities and national organisations. He works hard to provide his clients with effective solutions which meet their objectives and fit their budget.

When Pete isn't hammering away at his keyboard he enjoys travelling, photography, and motorsport.

To discuss your project with Pete, please get in touch with him via the contact page.